Unleashing Melodies Globally: 17 Must-Visit Destinations for Music Enthusiasts

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If you are music lover, then you will be in for a treat with this list of travel destinations. Music is a big part of the world and people’s daily lives. There is nothing better that brings people together than music. There are many genres of music to be enjoyed throughout the world. Musicians and singers are among the most talented and influential people in the world.  Wouldn’t it be cool to check out where musicians got their rise to fame? With millions of places and cities to visit, where would one start their musical journey? Any of the 17 places on this travel destination list will lead you on the right path. Check out the birthplace of rock stars and music genres while you take in the awesome musical scene.

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the best place to visit if you love classical music. Ludwig von Beethoven was born in Austria and he composed some of the best classical music in history. Even though this city is home to classical music, pop and rock music have been making their way up the ladder.

2. Liverpool, England

Liverpool is the birthplace for Pop music. The famous band, The Beatles started their career in Liverpool and it took off like lighting. Who wouldn’t want to visit the place that made songs like, “Come Together and “Strawberry Fields Forever” famous? The Beatles were such an iconic band that their music will live on forever.

3. Pune, India

When people think of Classical music, they usually think of Mozart style music and not Indian. In the city of Pune, it offers live music festivals for people of all ages. Even if their version of classical music is different than one would expect, their music is beautiful and inspiring.

4. Tokyo, Japan

Japan has been slowly taking over the world with their architecture, technology, and now they are after the music scene. Tokyo has encouraged its people to join metal and rock bands but with a twist of pop music. Their eccentric music excites people and that is why you should visit Tokyo.

5. Essaouria, Morocco

Essaouria is one of the best places that offers raw sounds of the genre Gnaoua. This city holds music festivals each year for this genre of music. Even though this city is off the radar, it is a top spot of music lovers to visit.

6. Milan, Italy

Milan is home to the best Opera in the world. The works by Verdi and Puccini have lived on in this city and their Operas hold a special place in the world. The Opera Madame Butterfly is the one of the most attended Operas in Milan.

7. Memphis, Tennessee

If you are a blues lover, then Memphis is the place to visit. Even though Elvis Presley recorded his first Rock n Roll single in Memphis, the city is still buzzing with blues bars and music. Head to any blues club and feel the music touch your soul.

8. Bologna, Italy

According to UNESCO, the city of Bologna has been named the “City of Music” since 2006. This stunning city is responsible for engaging in all types of music genres. You can check out an opera one night and a rock concert the next day.

9. Nashville, Tennessee

Memphis is not the only city in Tennessee that has musical background. Nashville is home to some of the biggest country stars in the world. The Grand Ole Opry radio show is one of the oldest radio shows in the country, dating back to the early 1920’s.

10. Seattle, Washington

Back in the 1990’s grunge music was all the rage in Seattle. This genre of music became widely popular and is still very popular today. You can catch a great music show at a local pub.

11. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a party city on the rise. This great city hosts musical acts such as Guy Gerber and Infected Mushroom. If you are a party lover then hit the clubs of Tel Aviv.

12. Boston, Massachusetts

The city of Boston is a jack of all trades. This city is the birthplace of great artists like Aerosmith, James Taylor and New Kinds on the Block. Boston is always changing to adapt the scenery of new music. The Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the best orchestra’s in the country. If you are looking to study music, then no other college is better than Berklee College of Music.

13. New Orleans, Louisiana (Top Destination for Music Enthusiasts

The New Orleans Jazz Festival is one of the most prominent jazz festivals in the country. New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz music. You can check out the French Quarter any time of day and be greeted by jazz musicians and lovers.

14. Indio, California

Coachella Music and Art Festival hosts a three day weekend each year to over 20,000 music and art lovers. This festival is documented via Instagram and Twitter by the biggest music and movie stars in the world. Undiscovered artists come to Coachella to showcase their voices and talents.

15. Abbey Road, London

Before the Beatles, this road was simply a road. Now Abbey Road is a famous tourist destination spot. In 1969, the Beatles posed for pictures for their new album cover, Abbey Road. This famous album cover picture has been mimicked by people all over the world who visit 3 Abbey Road.

16. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a diverse city and it is no surprise that the music scene is just as diverse as the city. Toronto houses the biggest music stars in the world. The concerts hosted in Toronto are always jam packed with fans. Many talented artists such as Drake were born and raised in Toronto.

17. Ibiza, Spain

If you love to party and dance, then Ibiza is a perfect place for dance lovers. The music scene in Ibiza is dance, dance, dance! The trance music scene in Ibiza has become increasingly popular over the years. You can check out the clubs and dance the night away.

Written by Rachel Pearson

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