Unleash Your Frosty Fun: 23 Exceptional Winter Activities in NYC

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If you are not a New Yorker, then you should visit New York City at least once in your lifetime. Visiting New York City any time of year is great, but winter the best time to visit. Some people prefer to travel during the warmer months, but once you read this list things to do in NYC in the winter, you may reconsider. You can enjoy doing most of the things on this list from November to February. So what are you waiting for? Take this list with you and start your NYC holiday adventure!

1. Go Figure Skating

Figure Skating in New York City is a right not a privilege. You can probably go figure skating anywhere in the world, but there is something about New York City that captures your attention.

2. Take a cooking class

When the weather does not allow for any outdoor activity, create your own fun by going to a cooking class. Even if you are a great cook, (i.e. Monica from show Friends taking a cooking class with Joey) join a class anyway, everyone could learn something new.

3. Watch the Lighting up of the Rockefeller tree

Join the hundreds of people gathered around Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. This old tradition has been around for years and it gets better with age.

4. Take in a broadway show

Snow or shine, new and old broadway shows have always greeted tourists with great pleasure. Any broadway show you go to will be great.

5. See the ball drop live on New Years Eve Times Square

Almost everyone in the USA watches the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve, but on television. You can be one of those lucky people who get to freeze their butts off while watching this phenomenon in person.

6. Visit the opera

Even if you do not understand the language of an Opera (who really does anyway), getting to see an Opera in NYC is amazing.

7. Drink Hot Cocoa in Central Park

With the days and nights of winter getting colder by the minute, buy some hot cocoa and share a cup with your partner. You can sit on a bench and Central Park and admire the beauty surrounding you.

8. Check out the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Watching the Rockettes perform for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is the perfect way to spend your holiday season.

9. Go shopping on Black Friday

If you are in need of new clothing or just like to watch the chaos, go shopping on Black Friday in NYC and watch the madness unfold.

10. Take in a show of The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is one of the oldest ballets known to man and the NYC show of The Nutcracker is one of the most spectacular shows in existence.

11. Get a delicious ice cream from Serendipity

Pretend you are John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale for the movie Serendipity and go eat an ice cream in the same spot as these actors did in the ice cream shop, Serendipity.

12. Go to the movies and watch an old flick

Just because Netflix and Hulu are always on your computer and tv, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out of the house and visit a movie theater. Check to see what old movies are playing and head out for a fun night.

13. Recreate your favorite childhood memory

Every adult has their favorite childhood memory of the winter. Try to recreate that memory in NYC.

14. Take plenty of pictures

You cannot go to NYC without snapping a photo or two. Who knows, maybe you will get to meet a celebrity while walking the streets.

15. See if you can spot the Naked Cowboy in Times Square

The Naked Cowboy has gotten older but he still excites the tourists of NYC’s Times Square. See if you can spot this cowboy walking the streets and while he plays his guitar.

16. Warm up your body with a nice glass of wine

NYC is full of pubs, bars, and restaurants. Get your blood pumping and warm yourself up with a nice glass of wine from any one of the finest bars in town.

17. Check out the gingerbread house competition

With the holiday season right at the beginning of winter, you cannot help but feel happy. NYC hosts different gingerbread competitions throughout the city. Go check them out and snag a couple of gingerbread cookies while you are there.

18. Go to a paint and drink art class

Paint bars are becoming an increasingly popular spot to spend your Saturday evenings. Check out some of the local paint bars for winter activities in NYC and create the latest work of art while sipping on a malt liquor.

19. Eat a sandwich from Katz

The famous scene in the movie When Harry meet Sally, came to live in the sandwich shop of Katz. You can order a nice warm sub or a pastrami sandwich and sit in the infamous spot where the scene unfolded.

20. Take a ride on a horse and carriage while it is snowing

Light snowfall is great, heavy snowfall is not! Take your partner on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city as the snow lightly starts falling around you.

21. Visit the New York Library

The two huge lion statues at the base of the New York Library will soon be covered in snow as the winter season continues. Head to this library to check out a book or the wonderful paintings.

22. Have a snow fight

If you are lucky enough to see some snow during your NYC trip, head to Central Park and have a snowball fight with friends. Just try not to play too rough.

23. Go on a holiday scavenger hunt

Make a list, pick your teams and head out on a holiday scavenger hunt through the city. Whichever team loses should buy the first round of hot cocoa for everyone.

Written by Rachel Pearson

Rachel reports on a wide range of topics from the United States and around the world. She keeps a close eye on the rapidly pour in of new headlines to get the best research and sources possible.

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