Ultimate Beach Fun: 18 Beach Games to Play on Sandy Shores

A fun day at the beach can consist of many different things depending on who you ask. More often than not, people will say they like to sunbath, swim or catch up on some reading. All of these activities are fine to do at the beach, but wouldn’t you want to have more fun? Playing games is a fun way to loosen up and have a blast. Beaches games are entertaining and exciting to play. The more people that join in on your beach games, the better. You can always invite beach goers near you to join in on the fun. If you are unsure of what beach games are available, this list has it all. You can read through 18 of the most fun beach games available. Take this list with you to the beach and see how many people you can get to join in on your games.

1. Play sand pictionary

Pictionary is a fun game to play in a group setting. Sand pictionary is a blast to play by using your hands or feet to draw out the words or phrase. Play away from the shoreline because high tide might wash away your works of art.

2. Beach Volleyball

A game of volleyball is a great way to meet new people on the beach. Invite your beach neighbors to play a friendly game of volleyball.

3. Soccer

You don’t have to be a star athlete to play soccer on the beach. Your legs might get weak after a while but you can always refresh yourself with a dip in the water.

4. Twister

Play the game twister, but with a twist. Instead of using your body parts, use things you find on the beach. For example, a sea shell on the color red or a crustacean on the color blue. This will make the game more fun and interesting.

5. Beach bingo

Playing bingo sounds like a boring game that is only played in church recreation centers or nursing homes. But Bingo is actually fun to play, especially at the beach. Miami Beach holds an annual Bingo Beach Party in which people of all ages join in on the fun.

6. Frisbee

Throw a frisbee around the beach and see how far it can go. You can play this game in the water to add to the excitement of the game.

7. Survivor

Pick teams among your friends or family to play survivor. Create group or individual challenges to complete. Whichever team or person comes in last, gets eliminated. The last person or group standing is the winner of the game. The losers should pay for a round of ice cream for the winners.

8. Beach bowling

Dig some holes in the sand, these will compensate for bowling pins. Next, find a small ball, like a tennis ball, that won’t blow away from the ocean breeze. Line up your shot and throw the ball. The further hole you get the ball in, the more points you earn.

9. Build a sand fort

Children love to build sand castles when they are at the beach. Take it one step further and build a sand fort. Children will love this idea and help build the fort.

10. Play tic-tac-toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun game to play, especially when you play on the beach. But don’t take out a pen and paper, use the sand as your canvas. Challenge beach goers to a game and see how long you can keep the game playing.

11. Water Relay race

Grab your buckets and dash to the water. A water relay race is a fun way to splash around in the water and have a blast. Compete with your family or friends for the top spot as a water relay race winner.

12. Kite flying contest

Flying a kite is much harder than it looks. The wind needs to be just right and the sun shouldn’t be at its peak when playing because it could hurt your eyes. Round up all the beach goers with kites and have a contest. See which kite can fly the for longest time or highest.

13. Boat building contest

If you were to find yourself on a stranded island, how are your boat building skills to get off the island? Chances are if you are not a professional boat builder, then you may be stuck on the island. Practice your boat building skills at the beach as a contest. Grab wood, sticks, or seaweed to make a boat and see how long it can stay afloat. The results of the boat building are always innovative and interesting.

14. Hula Hoop contest

Hula hoops are not just for little girls to play with. Everyone of all ages can have a hula hoop contest. So grab a round hoop and see how long people can keep it spinning around their hips, leg, arm or head.

15. Swimming race

While at the beach, swimming is usually the focal point of the beach trip. Challenge your friends to a swimming race. Make sure to point out a beginning and end point in the water. Do not swim too far out in the water because it can be dangerous.

16. Play I-Spy, Beach edition

I-Spy with my little eye, a great game to play on the beach. This game has been forgotten about over the years, but it is very fun to play. Try to spy the uncommon things at the beach to make for a more interesting game.

17. Play pass the water

Line your friends up front to back in random orders. Give yourself each an empty bucket. The first person in line should fill the bucket with water. This game may sound easy, but it is not. Lift the water filled bucket and try to aim for the bucket behind you without looking. See how much water arrives in the last bucket. You will probably get wet in the process, but it is all in good fun.

18. Beach game of golf

Even if golf is not your favorite sport, you can still appreciate a good game of beach golf. Use the whole beach as your golf course (without bothering other people) and play a great game of golf with friends.

Written by Rachel Pearson

Rachel reports on a wide range of topics from the United States and around the world. She keeps a close eye on the rapidly pour in of new headlines to get the best research and sources possible.

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