Top 22 Things To Add To Your Beach Packing List

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Going to the beach is fun but also stressful if your beach packing list isn’t set. You have to remember to pack so many things but you always end up forgetting something. But not to worry, you can always remember what to pack if you read this top 22 list. You want your beach trip to include fun and excitement, who has time to read a list? Reading this top 22 beach list can help reduce the time spent running back and forth to pick up forgotten items. You will have more time to spend your enjoying the nice weather at the beach with your friends and family.

So if you don’t do anything else before packing for your beach trip, read this top 22 list of things to pack for the beach and be glad that you did.

22. Sunscreen

You should always wear sun protection when heading to the beach. Applying sunscreen should not have to feel like a chore, but a necessity. You don’t want to heighten the stacks of getting melanoma for not applying sunscreen.

21. Water, Soda, Juice

Drinking is very important when you are at the beach. The salty water dries out your throat and it leaves you feeling thirstier. Pack plenty of water to rehydrate yourself.

20. Fruits and Veggies

You are bound to get hungry at some point during your beach trip. Packing some fruits and veggies is a great way to eat healthy and fill your stomach.

19. Sandwiches

If the fruits and veggies aren’t going to fill up your stomach then pack some sandwiches to enjoy on the beach. Pick up some Italian subs at your local deli market and head out to the beach.

18. Chips

Beach trips are not complete if you do not have a couple of bags of chips hidden in your beach bag. Everyone will want to grab a handful of chips, so be nice and share.

17. Beach tent

Pitching a beach tent is just like pitching a regular tent, except for the sand. Beach tents are great to use to store your belongings or if someone wants to take a nap.

16. Cooler


Bringing a cooler to the beach is important. You can store all your food and drinks in the cooler without having to worry about sand getting stuck to your food.

15. Ice

Having ice in a cooler is the like the glue that holds everything together. More often than not, people always forget the ice. They think that the cooler will be enough to keep their food and drinks cool. They are usually wrong.

14. Utensils in Beach

Nobody ever thinks to bring forks, knives or spoons to the beach. If you are bringing food to the beach then you better have utensils to cut your fruit, veggies and sandwiches.

13. Napkins, cups, plates

Napkins, cups, plates

Many people bring big bottles of water or soda to the beach but don’t think to bring cups. Not everyone will want to drink from the bottle and germs can get spread quickly that way. Napkins and plates are also a must for the beach.

12. Sunglasses or Contacts/Glasses in Beach

What better way to protect your eyes from the sun than sunglasses? Their sole purpose to protect your eyes, so why not have them do it. If you are an eye contacts wearer then you will definitely want to bring your glasses for back up. Sometimes salt or sand gets into your eye and rubbing your eye causes a contact lens to pop out. No worse way to spend the rest of your beach day by not being able to see.

11. Beach towels in Beach

Beach towels  in Beach

Beach towels are an absolute must. You should go to the beach without one. The best types of beach towels are microfiber towels. They absorb water better but dry quicker than the regular cotton beach towels.

10. Extra pair of clothes

Everyone usually wears their bathing suits to the beach, that they forget to pack clean clothing. If you are at the beach, the likelihood that you have a wet swim suit on is very high. By having a clean pair of clothing or extra swimsuit you can get back home in more comfortable clothes.

9. Volleyball or beach ball in Beach

Playing with a beach ball or volleyball is one of the highlights of a beach trip. While waiting to go back in the water after eating a sandwich you could be burning off calories by playing ball with friends. 

8. Beach chairs or umbrellas

Sitting or lying on the sandy floor can really be uncomfortable after a while. Bringing beach chairs can really help your back from aching the next day. Having a beach umbrella is great for a really sunny beach day. You can hide out in the shade under your umbrella when the sun gets too hot.

7. First Aid Kit

You never know when someone may get hurt on the beach. Having a first aid kit is important to have with during your beach trip.

6. Sand toys on Beach

Whether you are traveling with kids or you like playing with sand toys, bringing them to the beach is a must.

5. Portable speaker system in Beach

Having a portable speaker system allows you to listen to music while on the beach.

4. Sun hat in Beach

Your face and body are not the only things that need protection from the sun rays. Your heat is directly under the sunlight and if you have hair, you cannot rub some sunscreen on it. Wearing a sun hat can protect your head from harming sun rays.

3. Floatation devices

You can bring a floating mattress, ring tube or arm floats (for kids) to the beach and make your fun time in the water even more fun.

2. Goggles

If you like to see what is under the water, then you should bring goggle to the beaches.

1. Book

Curling up with a good book under the warm sun is a great pleasure to indulge in while on your fun day at the beach.

If you would like a printable beach packing list, here’s one you can check out. – Printable Beach Packing List

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