Top 22 Beach Day Activities For Adults

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Beach days are all about fun and adventure. When you are an adult, going to the beach is more fun than when you were a kid. You can indulge in more activities now that you are older, so take advantage of these beach day activities for adults and have fun! Grab a group of friends together and see what kind of mischief you can get into. No need for planning, just go with the flow and see what they day brings you. Head to a more secluded part of the beach so you do not disturb any other beach goers or families.

Dig into this list of top 22 beach activities for adults and have a blast. You and you friends will be glad that you brought this list with you, just don’t get it wet. So what are you waiting for, put on your swimsuits and head to the beach.

22. Build A Sand City

Forget about building a sand castle, that is for amateurs. Try build a sand city and see how far you get. Divide up your teams and see who can build the better city.

21. Have A Volleyball Tournament

Who doesn’t love a good game of volleyball? Set up a volleyball tournament and place your bets. The team that loses should jump into the water nude or get their bodies cover in sand.

20. Workout Out

Working out on the beach is great. You can get your stretches and squats in without getting hurt if you fall down. The best part is that when you get too sweaty, you can jump in the water to refresh yourself.

19. Go For A Jog

But on your running shoes and jog along the coastline. There is no better feeling than getting in a good jog at the beach while the salty water grazes your legs.

18. Have A Swimming Race

You cannot go to the beach and stay out of the water. Have a swimming race with your friends. See who’s the better swimmer and place your bets!

17.Play Marco Polo

Playing Marco Polo as a kid was fun, but it’s even better as an adults. Gather your friends together and play this game in the water. Have a friend take a video while you play so you can laugh about it later.

16. Play Tug of War

Get a big thick rope, draw a line in the sand and pick your teams. Playing tug of war is fun and a work out. If you want to up your game, play tug of war in the water.

15. Have A Barbecue

If the beach you are on allows a barbecue, then have one. You can make burgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Just remember to bring enough food for everyone.

14. Do Yoga or Pilates

Bring your yoga mat because doing yoga or pilates on the beach is relaxing. The calming sound of the water helps tranquillize your thoughts, allowing yoga or pilates to be more enjoyable.

13. Make a Time Capsule

Make a time capsule

Find a small box and put all your favorite things in it for a time capsule. Bury it in the sand and place a marker on the spot. Head back to the same spot after a few years and check to see if your time capsule is still there.

12. Surfing or Windsurfing

If the waves or wind is good enough on your beach day, try windsurfing or surfing. If you don’t know how to do either, ask for help. Once you get on top of those boards, the wind or waves will help you have a fun time.

11. Try Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is much more mellow than surfing. Think of it as a Venetian gondola ride, without the guy in the stripped shirt and a boat. Stand up on the paddle board and use the stick to guide you where you want to go.

10. Go Fishing

Bring your fishing rods and gear and go get some fish. Fishing may not be permitted at some beaches, so check before you start throwing a rod into the water. If you are lucky, you may catch dinner. Some of the best catches come during night beach fishing.

9. Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Adults Go scuba diving or snorkeling

Head out to the middle of the ocean or sea and with the proper team, to snorkeling or scuba diving. The creatures and fish that live under the water are amazing to see up close and personal.

8. Rent a Kayak or Jet Ski

Have some fun in the water and rent a jet ski or kayak. If you are looking to have a more mellow adventure, then getting a kayak is the way to go. If you are a thrill seeker then rent yourself a jet ski and have a race with some friends.

7. Have A Water Balloon Fight

Fill balloons full of water and start a water balloon fight. Catch friends while they are sleeping, laying out or on the go. This fun game will be sure to make everyone smile and tops some of the beach day activities for adults.

6. Do Some Low Key Drinking

Not all beaches allow drinking, but if they do, do some low key drinking. Don’t try to get drunk; enjoy the fun times with your friends.

5. Play Water Dodge Ball

Dodge ball may have been a silly game you played in middle school but up your ante and play dodge ball in the water in adults.  Pick teams, make the rules and play. It might be hard to hit someone if they are underwater.

4.Adults Play Soccer

Play a game of soccer. It’s a fun and easy way to invite other beach goers to join in on the fun.

3. Bodysurfing On The Waves

Adults Bodysurfing is fun and exciting. Use your body as a board and dive into the waves as they come.

2. Adults Musical Towels

Adults Musical towels

Instead of musical chairs, play musical towels on beach. You’ll have a blast.

1. Adults Take Pictures

Now for number one of the best beach day activities for adults, taking that wonder selfie or sunrise, sunset photo.

Don’t forget to Adults take pictures of your adventures, you will treasure them forever.

Written by Rachel Pearson

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