Top 20 Most Romantic Beach Ideas For Couples

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Sometimes there is so much pressure on couples to come up with the best romantic beach ideas and themes. A good old-fashioned trip to the beach is usually forgotten about since it seems so simple. On the contrary, a beach trip with your significant other can be extremely romantic. The mood is already set in place for you and your significant other to enjoy a nice day. A beach date can be romantic in the morning, evening, or night. The best part about a beach date is that is can be priceless (literally). You can head out to a public beach and with a few items brought from you, you can have the most romantic beach day. But don’t take my word for it, try out a beach day with your significant other.

If you are unsure of how to plan a romantic beach day, read this top 20 list of romantic beach ideas for couples and pick your favorite ideas.

20. Have a picnic during the day

Pack a picnic complete with chocolate covered strawberries and tasty wine. Set up a cozy spot on the beach where you see secluded and enjoy each others company.

19. Watch the sunset together

Nothing could be more romantic that being with the person you love under the sunset. Check the times and best beaches for the sunset in your area and enjoy the view.

18. Eat a delicious meal under the stars

Having dinner at a restaurant can sometimes grow tiresome. If your date nights have become routine and boring then order a pizza and go see some stars at the beach. You will have a blast and get a gorgeous free view.

17. Take a stroll on the beach

Walking along the beach by yourself or friends does not sound romantic; but it is when you do it will someone you love. You and your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend can lazily take a romantic stroll on the beach while you talk about each other’s hopes and dreams.

16. Pitch a tent and wait for the sunrise

Sunsets are always amazing to watch but if you can catch the sunrise, it is even better. Pitch a tent together and stay up all night waiting for the sunrise. You can fill in the time to talk about your likes, ideas, and hobbies.

15. Bring champagne and toast to yourself

Whether you have been together for a short period or a long time, bring champagne to the beach and toast to yourselves as a couple. Wish each other a hundred more years of happiness together.

14. Go for a nude midnight swim

Coming in at number 14 for romantic beach ideas for couples, going skinny dipping under the moonlight.

Being romantic can sometimes include some nudity. Dare each other to take off your clothes and go for a midnight swim. Your bodies will warm each other up as you swim together.

13. Kiss under the moonlight

A perfect day at the beach should always finish with a kiss. Kissing under the glow of the moonlight is much better than during the day. Romance is in the air, so make the most of it. for couple

12. Build a bonfire

If your beach allows bonfires, then build one together. Challenge each other to see who can get the most wood to build the fire. The winner should choose a task to for the loser to complete.

11. Toast marshmallows and feed each other s’mores

S’mores are delicious mini sandwiches that are held together by graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. You can find one another these tasty snacks and lick the dripping chocolate off your fingers.

10. Hold hands while you star gaze

When you are at the beach, the stars seem bigger and brighter than usual. You can try guessing the name of the star constellations while holding each other’s hand.

9. Cuddle up under a blanket together

Believe it or not, the air gets chiller at night at the beach. Pack a blanket big enough for the both of you and cuddle up together for couple. The warmth of your bodies with keep you feeling warm under the cool breeze of the water.

8. Apply sunblock on each other

Protection from the sun is important so applying sunblock is key when you are at the beach. Instead of applying the sunblock to your own bodies, have the other person do it for you. It is a nice feeling to have someone else rub the sticky sunblock on your body.

7. Take romantic pictures


Did your romantic beach date even have if you didn’t post it on social media sites? Of course it did, but with obsession of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook there seems to be a need to post every picture you take. Take romantic pictures together at the beach for yourselves and print them out without posting to social media sites.

6. Take turns burying each other


Burying each other in the sand may not sound fun, but it is. Take turns burying each other’s hands, feet, or body in the sand.

5. Play around with each other

Play pranks on one another or throw each other in the water. Playing around with help create a more romantic and loving atmosphere for couple.

4. Have a private slow dance party

Pop in your iPhone into portable speakers and make a playlist with the most romantic slow songs for couple. Dance the night away under the moon lite sky.

3. Carve your names into the sand

Use a stick or your fingers to carve you names into the sand. Although, the water might wash away your words, you love will live through you both.

2. Give each other a massage

There is something sensual about giving and/or receiving a massage from your significant other. The mood is set just right when you are at the beach. Go somewhere excluded where you won’t make anyone uncomfortable and trade messages tips and skills.

1. Collect sea shells and make each other jewelry


Part ways from your significant other and find seashells and other beach items to make jewelry for your other half. Even if the jewelry is not 100% wearable, it is the thought that counts.

Written by Rachel Pearson

Rachel reports on a wide range of topics from the United States and around the world. She keeps a close eye on the rapidly pour in of new headlines to get the best research and sources possible.

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