Top 20 Activities To Do At The Beach With Toddlers

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If you are a parent of a toddler, then you know how difficult it can be to keep them occupied and to think of kid friendly toddler beach activities. Once you figure out the right game they like, they have already moved into something else. So how can you keep a toddler occupied when at the Beach? Toddlers are little humans who have a huge imagination. It does not take much for them to have fun. But don’t let their cute faces fool you, they can easily get bored and throw tantrums. If you are taking your toddlers to the beach, then you should be 2 steps ahead of them. Try planning ahead for any activities they may like or want to do.

It may seem like toddlers can smell fear among their parents or guardians; but not to fear this top 20 list of things to do at the beach with toddlers can help. This list will help keep your toddler occupied during your beach trip. When all else fails, remember that they eventually tire themselves out and fall asleep. With any luck, your car ride back home will a quiet one.

20. Take a footprint picture

Toddlers love to try new things and getting their feet in the sand is one of them. Capture a great memory by lining up your toddlers by foot size or take a picture with them. Either way, you get a great photo memory and your toddler is happy.

19. Go for a swim in the water

No way is a toddler going to the beach and not going in the water. Going in the water is the most fun part of going to the beach. Let your toddlers help you put their swim safety gear on and head out in the water. Even though it’s not number 1, this is one of those toddler beach activities that will never get old.

18. Build sand castles

Nothing says fun beach day more than building sand castles. Take out those shovels and pales and get ready to build the best sand castles ever.

17. Put on sunscreen together

Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of going to the beach. Even if the sun appears nonexistent, allows apply sunscreen. Let your toddler apply sunscreen on you while you apply it on them. They will think it is a cool game while you talk to them about sun protection.

16. Go on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a blast but having one on the is even better. Put down the words seashell, crab, rock, and sand on the scavenger hunt list and watch your toddler have fun while finding these items.

15. Take a walk

Taking a nice stroll along the beach is one of the most relaxing things to do at the beach. You can feel the cool water touch your feet while walking hand in hand with your toddler.

14. Build a moat

Toddlers enjoy making a mess. Having they make a moat will keep them occupied for quite some time. Hand them buckets and watch them head to the water to grab water for their moat.

13. Go on a boat

Toddlers love things that are new and exciting. Try renting a paddle boat or go on a sailboat with your little one. They will love the experience but make sure they always have a life jacket on.

12. Fly a kite

Coming in at number 12 on the list of toddler beach activities is flying a kite.

You can either build your own kite or buy one at the store. If you have the time, make your own kite at home with your toddler and watch their little face beam when you tell them it is for their beach trip. Help them launch their kite in the air while you hold on to the string.

11. Play with a frisbee

Toddlers enjoy throwing things, but those things are usually not supposed to be thrown around. Give your toddler a frisbee to throw around and they will be a happy camper.

10. Throw around a ball

Buy a beach bowl, soccer or volleyball to bring to the beach with you. Your toddler will have a blast playing with it on the beach. But don’t be surprised if they always throw it into the water to see it splash.

9. Bury a parents feet in the sand

 Bury a parents feet in the sand in Beach

To avoid burying other people’s feet in the sand, offer up your own feet to bury in the sand. Your toddler will get a kick out of it.

8. Take tons of pictures

Take tons of pictures in Beach

Beach time is fun time and what better way to remember your experience than with pictures.

7. Find buried treasure

Find buried treasure

“X” marks the spot or at least that’s what they say in pirate movies. Bury some “treasure” while your toddler is not looking and have them search for it like a real pirate.

6. Eat healthy snacks

Beach trips are fun but sometimes you need to eat something to get your energy level up. Cut up some fresh fruits and veggies before heading to the beach and keep them in a cooler. Your toddler will love the freshness of cool fruit.

5. Take a nap

The beach can exhaust you and your toddler. Have your toddler take a nap so they can regain some strength to play later on.

4. Dig a hole

Sometimes toddlers like to dig holes. Hand them plenty of shovels and watch their little hands get to work. 

3. Drink water

Don’t go to the beach without packing water. Toddlers don’t always ask to drink if they are playing, so it is up to you to remind them to drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

2. Eat ice cream or slush

You can’t have a real beach day without purchasing a slush or ice cream from a concession on the beach. Your toddler will love eating the ice cream or slush. The best part is that the clean-up is easy since you can wash them off in the water. After they have done so much on their epic beach day, this should be the cherry on top of all the toddler beach activities we listed.

1. Dance to music

Have a dance party on the beach with your toddlers’ favorite cartoon theme song. They will jump around and have a blast.

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