Top 17 Relaxing Resorts in the World: Retreat, Unwind, and Revitalize

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A vacation should be a relaxing and calming experience. One of the reasons to go on a vacation is to get away from your busy and hectic lives, even if it is only for a short period of time. Once you have arrived at your vacation resort, you can feel your body relax. The tense feeling you have carried on your shoulders can be tossed away for the duration of your relaxing vacation. But where can you visit that has the most relaxing resorts in the world? The list below has taken out the guessing game and names the most relaxing resorts around the world. Your job is to pick a place on this list and book a vacation. Once you have arrived at any of the resorts listed below, your mind and body will thank you.

1. Ponta dos Ganchos, San Catarina, Brazil

Nothing screams more relaxing than a trip to the rainforest. You can almost hear the sounds of the jungle calming your thoughts. This resort is off the beaten path but full of luxuries. You can admire the splendid Emerald Coast while eating some of the freshest local seafood available.

2. Calabash Cove, St. Lucia

This amazing resort allows its guests to have a perfect view of the Caribbean Sea. The Calabash Cove is a true gem of the island of St. Lucia. The Asian inspired décor gives this resort a calming environment that is coupled with the gorgeous beach view.

3. Montage Kapalua Bay, Hawaii

Hawaii is a huge tourist destination that is always catering to thousands of people a day. The Montage Kapalua Bay Resort is a slice of paradise that allows you to escape from the busy tourist destination and experience a relaxing vacation.

4. Harem Escape, Marrakech, Morocco

When going on vacation, some women would rather be alone. This women only resort is a perfect place for women to enjoy some alone time. The best part of this resort is that a percentage of the profits earned is given to local charities to benefit girls and women.

5. Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Scottsdale, Arizona

The desert is a great place to start a relaxing vacation. The mountaintop views are so beautiful that it feels like you can draw on the energy of the mountains for relaxation. This resort has an infinity pool, spa, and meditation center.

6. Fairmont Kenauk, Quebec, Canada

This resort is a quiet place for nature lovers to enjoy peace. This resort offers cozy cabins for their guests to stay and relax. At this resort, you can reconnect with nature through the spectacular waterfalls and wildlife. Just don’t expect to make any phone calls or surf the internet. This resort is an internet-free zone with barely any cell reception.

7. Park Hyatt Resort and Spa, Goa, India

Sometimes you may think that by having kids, a relaxing vacation is not in the cards. The Park Hyatt Resort and Spa caters to adults and children. While you enjoy a nice swim in the pool, your children can stay at the youth club, making new friends.

8. Explora Lodges, Patagonia, Chile

If your idea of relaxation includes hiking and horseback riding, then the Explora Lodges has your name written all over it. This resort has 50 guided hikes to choose from. You can visit the horse stables on the resort and choose the type of horse to go riding on. The beautiful scenery of this resort can calm your mind just by looking at it.

9. Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat, Cederberg Mountains, South Africa

While heading to the beautiful country of South Africa, you are bound to see a few lions and zebras hanging out in the wild. This resort is unlike any other resort in the world. You can see bobcats springing to life in the wild or star gazing at the end of the night. The remote location of this resort makes it the perfect destination for relaxation.

10. The Brando, Tahiti

This gorgeous resort is named The Brando because it was originally owned by the Hollywood movie star Marlon Brando. Although this resort has received many modern upgrades throughout the years, it still remains a pleasant place to relax.

11. Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada

This all-inclusive resort is the perfect getaway destination for anyone who is looking to relax. This resort has tennis courts, a golf course, and water activities. You can go snorkelling in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea.

12. Isla Suasi Hotel, Peru

This resort is all about relaxation and solitude. This resort was specially designed for people who need to rediscover peace and quiet. You have access to a private beach near the resort. Do not expect any electricity to be included in this resort. If relaxation is what you need, then blocking out the luxury necessities of the world is key.

13. Nimmo Way Wilderness Resort, British Columbia

This amazing resort is only accessible via air or by sea. The exclusiveness of this resort allows its guests to feel at peace and one with nature. The backdrop to Mount Stevens is an incredible site to behold, especially during sunset.

14. Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee

This quaint resort can be found at the foot of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It is amazing that such a tranquil resort can be found on the outskirts of Tennessee’s busiest cities. You can indulge in a yoga class following a perfect time at the luxury spa.

15. Mandarin Oriental, Sanya, China

This top resort has been climbing up the charts as a top destination resort. From the deluxe rooms of this resort, you can check out an amazing view of the South China Sea. Take a dip in the resort’s infinity pool and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

16. The Dedon Island Resort, Siargao, The Philippines

In order to get in touch with your inner thoughts, head to the resort of Dedon Island. This resort has delicious cuisine that is grown organically and locally.

17. El Monte Sagrado, Taos, New Mexico

Mexican culture surrounds this great resort. The luxury spa in this resort offers amazing massages to relax your body and mind.

Written by Rachel Pearson

Rachel reports on a wide range of topics from the United States and around the world. She keeps a close eye on the rapidly pour in of new headlines to get the best research and sources possible.

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