Southern Italy Unveiled: Top Beaches in Italy for Your Ultimate Summer Escape

Beautiful woman in hat on the beach on Amalfi coast in Italy

Southern Italy is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. But if you are looking to hit up the top beaches in Italy, then you will want to book your ticket for late Spring and Summer. The tourist crowds tend to be the busiest during these seasons but the beaches will be open and at their peak. You can head to private or public beaches throughout Southern Italy and have the best experience ever. Even though Northern and Central Italy have great beaches, nothing can compare to Southern Italy. The Southern beaches may draw you in, but it is the great Southern hospitality that keeps you coming back to these beaches.

If you are not sure on which beaches are the best of the best, check out this list of top 22 beaches and your mind will be more at ease. Just remember that not every beach is the same and rules or regulations can change from beach to beach. So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and hit the waves.

1. Atrani Beach- Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is known for many things, but one of them is its gorgeous beaches. The Atrani Beach attracts people of all cultures and walks of life. Its sparkling waters are sure to entice you to take a dip in their water.

2. Diamante- Cosenza, Calabria

Diamante Beach is one of the longest beaches in Calabria. It’s shoreline goes on for miles. Be sure to wear swim shoes because the rocks can sometimes cut your feet.

3. Marina Grande- Amalfi Coast

The Marina Grande is home to one of the best beach clubs in the Amalfi Coast. Rent a paddle boat with friends and head out to sea.

4. Mondello Beach- Palermo, Sicily

Sicily is known for its beautiful beaches and amazing views. The Mondello beach has a low key vibe but during peak seasons, the beach tends to fill up fast.

5. Calanca Beach- Salerno, Naples

The Calanca beach has soft sand and clear water. The tide levels increase and decrease throughout the day because of the passing boats, which makes the experience more unique.

6. Spiagga Grande- Sardinia

The literal translation of the Spiagga Grande is Grand Beach, and that is exactly what this beach in Sardinia is known for.

7. White Beach- Lipari, Sicily

The name of this beach says it all. The white beach of Lipari got its nickname because of the whiteness and purity of the sand.

8. San Vito Lo Capo Beach – Sicily

You should head to this beach right before the start of the busy season, in April or May. The water is so transparent that you can see the fish swimming around you.

9. The Tremiti Isalnds- Gargano

You can enjoy snorkeling in the wonderful sea of two of these three islands. They are only accessible by boat which means they are more secluded than public beaches.

10. Tropea Beach- Calabria (Top Beach In Italy)

This beach is a huge beach with a great location. The shoreline is packed with little cafés and restaurants.

11. Lido Bosco Verde Beach- Ostuni, Puglia

This beach is always jam packed in the summer months. Tourists and residents of the area are mesmerized by the green color of the water that sparkles from the sunlight.

12. Porto Cavallo- Puglia

Porto Cavallo is a quaint and small beach that invites locals to enjoy the water. You can become part of the local crowd for the day and have a beach day whiling living like a true Italian.

13. Spiaggia di Piscinas- Sardinia

This beach is named after pools because the water looks so pristine that it appears to be man-made not nature made.

14. Palazzo a Mare Beach- Capri

Capri is an island off the coast of Naples and it best known for its little quirks and beaches. The Palazzo a Mare Beach is located near the many hotels that make it very accessible for tourists.

15. Scoglio di Peppino- Sardinia

This beach is known for its rock formations in and around the water. Take out your cameras or smartphones and snap pictures of the rocks while the sun is setting.

16. Rivabella Beach- Gallipoli, Puglia

Puglia has some of the most gorgeous beaches in Southern Italy and Rivabella Beach is no exception. You can build sand castles with your kids or catch up with a good book under the sun.

17. Spiagga del Fornillo- Positano, Amalfi Coast

This beach is a little off the beaten path from the main beaches of Amalfi. During the hectic summer months, this one of those beaches that are not overly crowded which can be a huge plus.

18. Lido Indian Beach – Salerno, Naples

The Marina di Camerota in Salerno is best known for its great beaches. The Lido Indian beach is a clean and organized beach. You can rent beach umbrellas or a paddle boat and enjoy your summer day at this top beach in Italy.

19. Black Beach- Maratea, Basilica

The Black Beach got its name because the sand of the beach almost looks black. However, the black sand does not mean that the beach is off-limits to the public. You can still enjoy a fun-filled day at this beach but with a unique twist.

20. Marina di Ragusa- Sicily

The beach at Marina di Ragusa is best known for being a tourist attraction spot. The amazing water, great view and tasty menu options of the surrounding restaurants make this beach a hit.

21. Campana Beach- Sardinia

Even though you can only get to Sardinia by boat or small airplane, this island is worth visiting because of the great beaches. The Campana beach is perfect for surf lovers or anyone who loves water sports.

22. Praia a Mare- Calabria

Calabria has been a key region for having the best beaches in Italy and the Praia a Mare beach is one of them. Rent a boat and take it out on the clear blue waters of this beach. You can go fishing or lay out on the boat to avoid the busy crowds.

Written by Rachel Pearson

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