17 Must See Beaches of the Caribbean

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There’s so many beaches of the Caribbean that you could visit. The Caribbean is a well-known area that serves as a great destination for beach lovers. The islands along the Caribbean share the Caribbean Sea and some countries share the North Atlantic Ocean. Over 700 Islands make up the area of the Caribbean. Many of these islands are too small to be inhabited or they are unsafe for people to visit. The climate of the Caribbean is mildly warm to hot all year long. The temperature of the Caribbean islands rarely falls below the average of 20 degrees Celsius. Some of the islands of this region are governed by monarchs or other territories.

If you visit one Caribbean country, do not assume they are all the same. Each country is different and has different cultures and histories. With that being stated, each country in the Caribbean has great beach that define their country as a whole.

1. Trunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay is white sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing or snorkeling. You should plan on visiting early in the morning to ensure a good spot since the beach is so popular. You can host a wedding on this beach during sunset and it will be a spectacular view for you and your guests.

2. Playa Zoni, Culebra, Puerto Rico

Playa Zoni, Culebra, Puerto Rico. This beach is a great place for swimming and snorkeling. If you want stays the night at this beach, you can get a perfect view of the stars and the Milky Way.

3. Eagle Beach, Aruba

The soft white sand of this beach has been a crowd-pleaser for many years. The clear blue water is amazing to swim in. Do not try to go topless on this beach or any beach in Aruba, it is illegal.

4. Pigeon Point Beach, Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

While many beaches of the Caribbean offer free admission, the Pigeon Point beach has a small fee to enter. The relaxing time on this gorgeous sandy beach is totally worth the small fee. The turquoise color of the water immediately draws you in. You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas to make your beach day more comfortable.

5. 17-Mile Beach, Barbuda

The name of this beach says it all. You guessed it, the 17-Mile beach runs along 17 miles of perfect sand and crystal clear waters. This is the spot for you if you’re looking for a more secluded and private beach.

6. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Although the Bahamas has many splendid beach but none are better than the Pink Sands Beach. The color of the sand is pinkish white which accents the turquoise color of the sea.

7. Playa Blanca, Livingston Guatemala

The palm trees and coconut trees that are scattered throughout this beach add to the beautiful view of the sea. This public beach is a favorite spot for the locals to enjoy a day in the sun. There are bars and restaurants along the streets of the beach.

8. Playa Caracas, Puerto Ferro, Puerto Rico

Playa Caracas if the spot to visit if you want to have a relaxing family day at the beach. This beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. You can bring sandwiches and drinks and eat them on the picnic tables on the beach; they are always covered by the shade.

9. Maracas Beach, Trinidad

One of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, coming in at number nine on the list is Maracas Beach.

This beach of Maracas does not have the best water for swimming due to constant waves, but surfers have a blast at this beach. The waves of this beach are perfect for surfers to ride. This beach is protected by the deep-sea Bay.

10. Exumas’ Sandy Emerald Bay, Bahamas

The calmness of this beach is the perfect spot for a romantic date or walk on the beach. You’re be able to experience gorgeous views of the open sea on this one mile long beach.

11. Happy Bay Beach, St. Martin

This beach will make you feel happy and excited. This secluded beach is a great spot for couples to enjoy some alone time together. After a 10-15 minute trek to the beach, the views definitely makes it worth it. The turquoise water is clear enough to go snorkeling in.

12. Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman

The Cayman Kia beach has a great view of the open sea and reefs surround the area. If the winds are not strong when you visit, you can go snorkeling. Be careful during high tide or strong wides if you are snorkeling near the reef, you could get hurt.

13. Playa El Salado, Havana, Cuba

The name of this beach is translated into Salty Beaches. The reason for this name is that the waters of this beach are saltier than any other surrounding. Although this beach is small, it is a great place to swim and do water sports.

14. Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

The powdered soft, white of the Grace are a perfect combination with the turquoise water. At first glance, you can not know that the surrounding water is not the Caribbean Sea, but the Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding water is not the Caribbean SeaThis is a great beach to go sailing or rent a paddleboat.

15. Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica

Fifteen on the list of beaches of the Caribbean is the Frenchman’s Cove.

This beach has been a favorite among the locals and tourists for the 1960s. The riverbank flows naturally into the ocean, which is such a beautiful thing to watch. There are many villas and resorts near this beach to accommodate your Jamaican vacation.

16. Apple Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Apple Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The quietness of Apple Bay Beach is the perfect way to spend your vacation. You can sunbathe or go snorkeling in the crystal clear water. You can watch the surfers catch great waves on the water.

17. Honeymoon Beach, Water Island, St. Thomas  

A perfect honeymoon for beach lovers should include a trip to the Honeymoon beach. You can only get to this beach via ferry or small boat. This secluded beach is a perfect place to engage in romantic activities. There are local bars and restaurants that serve great food and drinks.

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