Maximize Fun for Tiny Tots: Exhilarating Activities on a Disney Cruise

Almost everyone becomes a kid at heart when they are on board a Disney Cruise Ship. Kids under the age of 13 are a tough crowd to please, but the activities on the Disney cruise ships are sure to please. It is no easy task keeping kids happy at all times, but if you follow the list below they will never be bored. Families with kids ages 13 or under can indulge in so many activities throughout the Disney cruise that they will not know where to start. Let your kids help pick out their favorite activities from this list and go from there. Kids know what they like and don’t like, so don’t force them to do activities that they are going to dislike. Make your Disney cruise a memorable one that your children will cherish for years to come. Who knows, in 30 years you may be accompanying your kids and grandkids on a Disney cruise (keep this list in handy just in case).

1. Watch a movie

Most Disney cruise ships have a built in movie theater on board. Take your kids to see the latest Disney movie while on a cruise and they are sure to have fun.

2. Go for a swim

Disney cruise ships have many different pools throughout their ships. You can choose the right type of pool that fits your child’s age group and watch them have a blast.

3. Get a picture take with a Disney character

Whether you or your child want to take a picture with a Disney character, make it happen. Disney characters can always be seen around the ship, so take advantage and snap a picture with them.

4. Head to the Children’s spa

Spas do not have to cater to adults only. Some of the spas on board the Disney cruise ships have mother/daughter specials where mothers can take their young daughters for a massage or facial.

5. Drink tea with Disney’s princes and princesses.

Let your children feel like royalty while they drink tea and eat biscuits with Cinderella and Prince Charming. Capture the memories with pictures that you can cherish forever.

6. Watch a live show

You should not end your Disney cruise without having seen a live show. You can catch the latest shows on board that are fun for the whole family.

7. Go shopping

No vacation is complete without a shopping trip. Let your kids pick out their favorite stuffed animal or toy as a souvenir from their trip.

8. Read a Disney themed book

Reading bedtime stories should not forgotten about because you are on vacation. Tuck your little ones into their bed and read them a Disney themed story.

9. Have a dance party

Dress up in your Sundays best and have a dance party. Children love dancing and they would love to dance with their parents.

10. Dress up as a Disney character

Have your child dress up as their favorite Disney character for the day.  They can dine and play in their Disney outfit while you take loads of pictures.

11. Head to the arcade

The arcade is a fun way for the whole family to enjoy a good time together. Head to the arcade and play a round of basketball or video games. Just don’t be too upset if your kids beat you.

12. Set up a play date

Since you are on a Disney cruise, mingle with the other parents on board. Chances are that your kids will find other children to play with; so set up a play date.

13. Hit the buffet

Disney offers great food choices for kids. Instead of ordering for your children, let them choose their favorite dishes from the buffet.

14. Slide down the water slides

The water slides at Disney are so fun that you can’t help but join in on the fun. Just be sure that the slides are age appropriate for you kids.

15. Try to name the stars at night

Teach your kids a little about astronomy while on your cruise. See how many stars they can name or better yet, how many stars you can remember.

16. Get off the ship

Just because you are on a Disney cruise, it does not mean that you are stuck on it. If the ship stops at a port, head off the ship and explore a new place.

17. Sign them up for a youth club or nursery

Chances are that you are going to want some alone time while on your cruise. Sign your kids up for a youth club or nursery and drop them off with professional sitters. You can pick them up at any time but chances are they may be having too much fun to come with you.

18. Take a walk around the deck

Walking around the deck of the cruise can be just as entertaining as playing in the pool. Take your kids for a nice stroll while the ocean breeze flows through your hair.

19. Color on the deck

Buy a coloring book and crayons at the gift shop and let you kids color while the deck of the ship. Just make sure they are just coloring in their book and not the deck.

20. Play mini golf

Mini golfing is such a fun experience but even better when your kid is trying to make a one in hole on a moving ship.

21. Join a deck party

Deck parties are not just for adults. There are themed deck parties most nights on board the Disney cruise for all ages.

22. Take a family portrait

Don’t rely on your smartphone to capture a perfect family picture. Pictures on your phone can sometimes blurry or not everyone is looking. Get your picture taken professionally as a family and make it into a keychain.

23. Watch the sunset together

Get your kids some ice cream and sit on the deck to watch the sunset. They will most likely be mesmerized by the colors and magic of the disappearing sun.

Written by Rachel Pearson

Rachel reports on a wide range of topics from the United States and around the world. She keeps a close eye on the rapidly pour in of new headlines to get the best research and sources possible.

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