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Spain is a gorgeous country that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. You can get the best of both worlds in Spain. You just have to choose which side of the country you prefer to be on. The main city of Barcelona is located off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the beaches close by are great for tourists to enjoy a beach day. The island of Ibiza is located on the eastern side of Spain, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you are heading to Spain or Ibiza, you will have a great time. You can choose from any of the beaches on this list and are guaranteed to have a blast. This list of beaches has something for everyone to enjoy; whether it be swimming, snorkelling, or surfing, Spain has it all.

1. Llafranc in Costa Brava

Prior to its recent success as a beach resort, this secluded beach was a getaway spot for movie stars and singers during the early 1900’s. Now, this beach resort welcomes everyone to enjoy some fun under the sun.

2. La Concha Beach, Donostia, Spain

La Concha Beach is one of Spain’s most popular beaches. With hundreds of vacation rentals and hotels in the area, you can easily access this beach. It is a great place for families, singles, and locals to gather together and enjoy a sunny day.

3. Rodas Beach, Galicia

This beach is located on the island of Illas Cies. The only way to get to this beach is by ferry. This beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Spain. Since it is a fairly untouched beach, only a certain amount of beachgoers are allowed per day.

4. Cala Macarelleta, Menorca

This beach is a crowd-pleaser with the locals. The sandy white beaches are a spectacular site to see. Cala Macarelleta is surrounded by gorgeous cliffs and crystal-clear water. You can go swimming or snorkelling in the gorgeous water.

5. El Palmar Beach, Cádiz

If you are looking for a beach that is secluded from tourist destinations, then you should head to El Palmar Beach. This beach has some local bars and shops where you can catch a drink or snack with the family. You can pitch a beach tent and make it a day trip.

6. Cala d’en Serra, Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is a beautiful island off the coast of Spain. Don’t be fooled by the huge crowds and the parties in the city center. This beach is a best-kept secret among the locals. Tourists do not frequent this beach because they are unaware that it exists, but it is a stunning beach to visit.

7. Es Trenc, Mallorca

If you are a surf lover, then you will want to hit the beach of Es Trenc. Since this beach is a part of Spain’s wetlands reserve, you will find few people at this beach. You can lay out a beach towel and take out your surfboard or windsurfboard. Hit the waves of Es Trenc beach and feel the ocean breeze in your face.

8. Langre, Cantabria

This beautiful beach used to be a top spot for nudists to enjoy a day at the beach. It has now become a more conservative beach for families to enjoy as well. Bring your beach umbrella because the sun’s rays are very hot during the months of May to September.

9. Tamariu, Costa Brava

Tamariu is located just north of Barcelona, and it is roughly an hour-long drive, but worth visiting. This beach is a perfect spot for fish lovers. The beach stretches out for miles and is usually visited by locals.

10. Playa de Muro Beach, Playa de Muro

Thanks to the low tide, the Playa de Muro beach is a perfect place to bring your family. You can go for a swim far out in the water and still be in shallow water. You can rent a paddle boat and head out to sea and go for a swim in the deeper parts of the water; just make sure you can swim.

11. Playa de Bolonia, Tarfia

If you are looking for a beach that has soft sand and ancient ruins, then you will want to check out Playa de Bolonia. Across from the gorgeous beach are the ancient Roman ruins of Baelo Claudio. These ruins were excavated in the early 1970’s.

12. Poo Beach, Asturias

While the name of this beach sounds unpleasant, the beach is far from unpleasant. It is the perfect spot for families with small kids to visit. You can build sand castles with your children or grab an ice cream. Just make sure to put on lots of sunblock and bring a beach umbrella.

13. Cala Comte, Ibiza

This beach is best known as the most beautiful spot to watch sunsets. So grab your significant other and head to Cala Comte to experience a romantic night watching the sunset and the stars.

14. The Beach of Crystals, Asturias

This beach got its name because of the crystal-like pebbles that line the beach. In reality, these so-called crystals are actually old glass bottles that have decomposed over time and resemble crystal pebbles. Although this beach used to be a landfill, it is no longer used for that purpose.

15. Sa Calobra, Mallorca

This secluded beach is virtually untouched by tourists. You can catch the locals enjoying a dip in the pristine waters of Sa Calobra. This beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs that are inspiringly beautiful.

16. Cala Sant Francesc, Blanes

This gorgeous beach has crystal-clear water along its shoreline. Bring your swim mask because this beach has the best view for snorkelling.

17. Cala Aiguablava, Begur

This beach is a quaint area that has romantics swooning to visit. The water level becomes fairly deep very fast, so make sure you are a good swimmer or have a floating device on. There are indications as to where the water is safe enough to enter. Although this is a small beach, it is packed with pretty views and clear water.  

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