20 Underrated Cities in Europe You Must See

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Everyone knows the cities in Europe that’s crawling with well-known tourist destinations. But wouldn’t you like to head somewhere off the beaten path? You may want to visit the most well-known cities in Europe but if you read on about the underrated cities in Europe, you will want to head towards them instead. The tourists in each of the more famous cities in Europe are always full of people and sometimes you can barely fit into your schedule the places you want to see. The places on this list will give you a sense of relief and joy knowing that not many people travel to there and you can be the first of your friends to post pictures on Instagram.

Don’t be a follower; be a leader. Lead the way for your adventures and take this list with you (just in case you forget where to go). You can make this trip once in a lifetime, annually, monthly or backpack across the different countries.

1. Bergamo, Italy

You can find this quaint city in the hills of the region Lombardy. This city has the perfect combination of lakeside views and countryside style.

2. Lyon, France

When you hear the word France, you automatically think of Paris. But with a country as large as France, there must be other great cities. Lyon is a vibrant city that is rarely visited as much as Paris. Head to this city and enjoy the nightlife.

3. Bucharest, Romania

This city is often confused or compare to the city of Budapest, Turkey; but they are completely different. The city of Bucharest is known for its amazing museums and well kept parks.

4. Odense, Denmark

Have you ever wondered where Hans-Christen Anderson was born? Well, if you didn’t know, he was born in Odense. This sweet little village looks like something straight out his story books.

5. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a historical city full of culture. It is located close to the island of Ibiza. With every step you take on the cobblestone pavement, you can feel the energy of the city all around you.

6. Marsaxxlok, Malta

If you haven’t heard very much about the country of Malta, you are not alone. This small city is the hub of the country’s fishing port. You can purchase fresh fish on a daily basis and it is always delicious.

7. Assisi, Italy

The birthplace of the Patron Saint Francesco is Assisi. This small city carries a lot of history. It has been marked as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Every year on October 4th, Italians flock to this city because it is the day to honor St. Francesco.

8. Reine, Norway

Although the population in Reine is rather small, this city makes up for it with the hospitality of the people. This fishing village always welcomes tourists with open arms.

9. Rothenberg, Germany

If you are a Walt Disney fan then you should head out to Rothenberg. You may notice the atmosphere and gorgeous views mimic that of the film Pinocchio.

10. Comporta, Portugal

This small city is filled with pretty beaches and delicious seafood. Take a tour around this city or go dolphin watching in the sea while in Comporta.

11. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is such a beautiful name for a girl, but did you think it was the name of a city? Sofia is bursting with old and new world culture. You can find the best live music in Sofia and amazing churches within walking distance of each other.

12. Kotor, Montenegro

You may have heard of the hard liquor named Montenegro, but did you realize this was an actual country. Kotor is a quaint little town off the beaten path that is bursting with culture. Some of their old world traditions are still in place today; such as not driving a car in the Downtown area.

13. Hallstatt, Austria

Although you may have seen pictures of this city, you may not have known its name until now. This gorgeous city is nestled in between lakes and mountains. The amazing view of the city fits so perfectly on a postcard that one would think it was a drawing or painting.

14. Hvar, Croatia

One of the most unique cities in Europe which is home to great food, wonderful fashion style and perfect sceneries, Hvar! The city of Hvar looks like it was carved out by the Greek Gods, especially since the name Hvar means glory and power.

15. Ios, Greece

Ios is a beautiful island off the coast of Greece. Unlike some of the other Greek islands, Ios has a softer side to it. You will not hear loud music or see nightclubs open all hours of the night in this small city. Instead, you will hear the sound of the sea waves and a calm silence in the air.

16. Kungsleden, Sweden

If you are a hiking lover, then Kungsleden is the place for you. This city is located in the northern part of Sweden and is best known for its hiking trails and steep mountains.

17. Siena, Italy

This picturesque city is located in Tuscany. People always gravitate towards Florence but not many tourists head to Siena. The rolling hills and the medieval churches adds charm to this beautiful city.

18. Bonn, Germany

Many artists and musicians were born in europe. Could we imagine a world today with the famous work of Ludwig von Beethoven? Beethoven was born in the small city of Bonn and you can visit this city to see how much the people appreciate his work.

19. Ardennes, Belgium

Prior to the initiation of both World Wars, the small city of Ardennes was the spot of a horrific battle. This city slowly picked itself up over time and became one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

20. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Whether you are a fan of hiking, biking or running, the island of Lofoten has you covered. The biggest phenomenon that occurs in Lofoten each winter is the perfect view of The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis.

Written by Rachel Pearson

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