17 Remarkable Stunning Beaches in Australia – A Sun-Soaked Paradise Awaits

Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Australia is a fairly large country to visit. Australia is home to thousands of beach and surfing lovers. The locals invite all walks of life to enjoy their country’s beaches. With the entire country surrounded by water along its coastlines, how do you choose the perfect beach to visit? Not to worry, the list below has you covered. No matter which region of Australia’s coastline cities you are visiting, you will always find a gorgeous beach to check out. Just remember that depending on where you live, Australia’s summer season may not be the same as yours. It would a shame to head to Australia during your summer season, only to find out that it is their winter. Australia’s most stunning beaches can be found on the list below, so pick one and head for the land down under.

1. Bondi Beach, Sydney

This beach is known for preparing the world for the new and improved line of swimsuits, “the bikini,” back in the early 1900’s. Bondi Beach has also helped enhance the safety procedures and precautions that most beaches have set in place today. This beach is perfect for everyone to enjoy.

2. Cottesloe Beach, Perth

This stunning beach is a fan favorite for the locals in Perth. The sparkling water is clean and clear. From sun up to sun down, this beach is usually packed to the limit. You can spend the day lounging in the sun or take a boat into the water.

3. Surfer’s Paradise Beach, QLD

It is apparent that the name of this beach says it all. The Surfer’s Paradise Beach is home to many surfing lovers. The way the gorgeous shoreline meets the white sand is stunning. You can see Mother Nature’s beauty at its finest.

4. Turquoise Bay Beach, WA

This beach is named Turquoise Bay Beach because of the amazing color of its water. This beach is located in the Western part of Australia. This beach is perfect for families to enjoy and adults to soak up the hot sun.

5. Mindil Beach, Darwin

Although this beach is not 100% swimmable due to the crocodiles lurking in the water, it has the best view. At sunset, you can see hundreds of people come together to enjoy the best view of the sunset that Australia has to offer.

6. Cable Beach, WA

If you are a fan of horseback riding or camel riding, then you will want to visit Cable Beach. From November to April, be on the lookout for jellyfish in the water. These type of jellyfish are known to be stingers, who are always ready to sting anyone who gets in their way.

7. Mandalay Beach, WA

Not many tourists visit Mandalay Beach, which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy peace and quiet. This beach may be out of the way for some tourists to visit, but the tranquillity that Mandalay Beach offers is one of a kind.

8. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, QLD

This beach is arguably the best beach in Australia and for good reasons. This beach has the purest sand in Australia, and the best part is that the sand will not scorch your feet during a hot day. If the sandy beach hasn’t gotten your attention, then the stunning blue water and reefs along the beach will do the trick.

9. Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast

Enjoy a lazy Sunday morning on this fantastic beach. You can go swimming or plan a BBQ blowout with friends and family. This amazing beach has something fun for everyone to enjoy. Challenge your friends to a game of tongue twister by using the name of this beach, and it’ll be fun.

10. Main Beach of Bryon Bay, NSW

This stunning beach is a great place to unwind from a busy day and enjoy the ocean breeze flowing in your hair. You can take a lovely walk or go for an intense jog along the beach.

11. Bronte Beach, Sydney

This beach is great for tourists to visit. The coolest part of this beach is the “rock pool” formed within the ocean. This pool is somewhat enclosed by rocks and has shallow water, which is perfect for kids and adults.

12. Greenfield Beach, Jarvis Bay

You can enjoy a warm, sunny day at the Greenfield Beach. The white sandy beaches will catch your attention as the clear water washes up the beach. Plan a relaxing day with your family to enjoy on this beach.

13. Elwood Beach, Melbourne

This beach may be out of the way for tourists to visit, but it doesn’t mean that a tourist should not visit. This beach is great for all kinds of people to enjoy. Whether you like to snorkel, windsurf, or lay out on the sand, this beach has what you are looking for.

14. Emily Bay, Norfolk Island

This beach is perfect for families to spend a day together. With the hectic world that we live in, it is hard to find time to spend with family, but visiting Emily Bay Beach is a perfect excuse to do just that.

15. Avalon Beach, NSW

Avalon Beach is rather new to the beach scene in terms of tourist visitations. Although this beach was established in the 1920’s, few tourists have had the chance to visit. Take off the beaten path and go surfing or swimming at Avalon beach.

16. Sunrise Beach, Queensland

With the name Sunrise Beach, could you expect anything less than watching the perfect sunrise? Although this beach is on a smaller scale than some other beaches, it has one of the best views of the sunrise. Just make sure to visit early, or you might miss it.

17. Mermaid Beach, Queensland

Do mermaids really exist? Well, at the Mermaid beach in Queensland, you can pretend that you are a mermaid for the day while swimming in the clear water. Contrary to popular belief, the name of this beach did not come from locals spotting mermaids in the water but from a ship named Mermaid that founded the area.

Written by Rachel Pearson

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