17 Night Time Beach Activities That Are Tons Of Fun

Kids playing on the beach at nighttime

Going to the beach is always fun, but have you experienced night time beach activities? There are so many activities to enjoy in the daytime. Just because the sun has gone away and the moon has taken its place, doesn’t mean the night is over. A great beach day can transition into a fun beach night. If you are unsure of the activities to do during a fun beach night, this list has your covered. Almost all of the activities on this list are sure to guarantee a fun night under the stars. Pick your favorite activities to do or run through the list one-by-one. You and your friends or family will be happy to spend a night on the beach.

1. Watch the sunset


Kicking off a great beach night always starts with watching the sunset. The sun sets at different times each night, so make sure to check for the right time before you head to the beach. There is nothing more beautiful than a sun slowly joining the horizon.

2. Make a bonfire

If the beach you are on permits a bonfire, then build a bonfire. Even if it is the middle of summer, bonfires are meant to be enjoyed at the beach even if you are not cold. A bonfire helps set the mood for the perfect night time beach activities.

3. Make S’mores


What goes better with a bonfire than toasting marshmallows and making s’mores? Each bite of the graham cracker, melted chocolate and marshmallow combination will excite your taste buds. Just don’t burn the marshmallows, the smelt of burnt marshmallows is not pleasant.

4. Have a BBQ

BBQ do not have to occur only in someone’s backyard. Whether you have a bonfire lit or brought a portable BBQ to the beach, get some burgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill. If you are going to cook on the beach then make sure you clean up after yourself and others. No one wants to visit a dirty beach.

5. Have a dance-off


Plan a dance-off between you and your friends. Choose a great song to start off the party and see which group has the better dancers. Don’t be embarrassed or shy during the dance-off; have fun and live in the moment.

6. Go Swimming in your Birthday Suit

When night falls and almost all the beach goers have gone for the day, go for a swim in the nude. Make sure there are no families with children around before you jump into your birthday suit. The refreshening water on your naked body can feel amazing.

7. Star Gaze

Stare up at the constellations in the sky and try to guess their names. If you are a big astronomy fan, then naming the stars should be easy. The stars appear much larger at night on the beach than in city making this one of the best night time beach activities to do.

8. Write a message in a bottle

Grab a blank piece of paper and pen and write a thoughtful message on down. Shove the message in a glass bottle and throw the bottle in the middle of the water. Hopefully someone will find your message and share the kind words with others.

9. Play a drinking game with friends (if old enough)

Drinking on the beach may be prohibited at your local beach, so check the rules before you start drinking. If you can drink at the beach and are of legal age, play a drinking game with friends. It can be beer pong or truth or dare(drinking version).

10. Look out for shooting stars


August 10th  is known as “Saint Lorenzo Night”, the night the Saint meets the stars. There is a theory that on this night, shooting stars occur spontaneously but very often throughout the night. Even if you at the beach on another night, check to see if you can catch a shooting star. If you do, make a wish and hope it comes true.

11. Plan a outdoor movie night

Going to the movies is fun, but wouldn’t it be better if it was on the beach? Make movie night special with your friends, family or significant other and head to the beach. Make sure the cables and wires are hooked up correctly without gets electrocuted.

12. Camp at the beach


Bring a tent to the beach and plan for a camping trip. Camp under the beautiful stars and talk about your plans for the future with friends. Camping on the beach is much more relaxing without bears and other wild animals lurking around.

13. Play the game “telephone” with friends


If you ever played the game “telephone”, then you know it can be a frustrating game to play. Use beaches related phrases and see how mangled up or twisted the phrase can turn out after playing this game.

14. Take a walk along the shoreline

Walking along the shoreline of the beach at night does not have to be a romantic thing to do. You can walk along the beach by yourself or with others. Gaze out at the reflection of the moon in the water and take a mental picture of the beautiful moment.

15. Swap ghost stories

Telling ghost stories is always much more fun and scary at night than during the day. While hanging out at the beaches at nighttime, swap scary ghost stories with your friends. See who can you can tell the scariest story.

16. Write messages in the sand

You can write a word, phrase, or story in the sand using your toes or a stick. Try not to be vulgar or use offensive words. When you head back to the beach in the morning or wake up on the beach in the morning, check to see if the message is still written in the sand.

17.Capture memories on film

It is not enough to take pictures on your smartphone and post them to Instagram. Take videos of all the fun you and your friends are having at night on the beach. One day you will look back at the videos and laugh at the silly things you said and wore.  

Written by Rachel Pearson

Rachel reports on a wide range of topics from the United States and around the world. She keeps a close eye on the rapidly pour in of new headlines to get the best research and sources possible.

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