17 Must Do Activities in Naples, Italy

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There is quite a few activities in Naples, Italy since it’s the third largest city in Italy. This historic city is home to pizza, stunning beaches, and great people. The culture of Naples is unlike any other city in Italy. Naples takes on a life of its own and tourists love to visit this eccentric city. The tiny streets of Naples are decorated with statues, artwork and amazing shops. Anytime of the year you can see the locals hanging their laundry to dry outside of their windows; this makes Naples very characteristic. If you are unsure of what to do when in Naples, check out the list below. With each slice of pizza, you eat or espresso you drink, you can check off another item on this list.

1. Eat a Margherita pizza at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

When in Naples, eat like the Neapolitans do. Naples is the birthplace of pizza and the Margherita pizza is the city’s most famous pizza. The simplicity of the sauce, mozzarella and basil make for the best combination of ingredients. Plus, it’s not a coincidence that the only ingredients of this pizza are the colors of the Italian flag. Neapolitans are proud to be Italian.

2. Play a game at the Piazza Plebiscito

As you walk around the Piazza Plebiscito, you may notice that people are walking around blindfolded. You may think that this very strange, until you ask a local what they are doing. The outline of this game is to start with your back to the Palazzo Reale and walk in a straight line towards the two statue horses at the beginning of the Piazza, but you need to be blindfolded. Chances are you are going to find yourself going in circles. Legend has it that if you are able to successfully complete this game, it means that you are extremely intelligent and brave.

3. Take a seat in the Holy Chair of Saint Maria Francesca Church


Infertility is a taboo topic that many women do not like to talk about. While science has been at the forefront for finds ways to help women conceive, science can only go so far. If you are having infertility problems, sit down in the Holy Chair of this Saint Maria Francesca Church and pray to this Saint. Medicine only goes so far, then comes God, right? Many women in Italy claim to have conceived naturally after having sat in this chair.

4. Drink an espresso and cornetto (croissant)

You cannot visit Naples without drinking a shot of espresso. Naples is famous for making the best espresso in all of Italy. But don’t stop there, enjoy your cup of espresso with a delicious Nutella filled cornetto(croissant). This is the breakfast of champions for Neapolitans. This would be a great day start on your list of activities in Naples, Italy.

5. Take a walk along the Lungomare of Mergellina


 The view along the sea of Mergellina is one of the best views of the city. The panoramic view allows you to see Mt. Vesuvius, the islands of Capri and Ischia and Castel dell’Ovo. Just remember to take picture of this view while the sun begins to set.

6. Check out the Catacombs of San Gennaro

San Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples. Each year on September 19th, there is a huge festival in Naples to honor this Saint. Take a trip to see the original burial site of San Gennaro and thousands of other in the Catacombs. Although the bodies of everyone buried in these catacombs have been removed, the smell of the underground catacombs can be overwhelming.

7. Visit the Castel dell’Ovo

This medieval castle does not get its name from the shape of the castle. Legend has it that one of the original architects consulted a magical poet to ask for help in strengthening the castle. Supposedly there is a magical egg hidden in the foundation of the castle that help strengthen its structure. 

8. Take a walk along Spaccanapoli


The name of this area literally translates into the dividing of Naples. This street runs through the middle of Naples and is full of culture and history.

9. Visit San Gregorio Armeno

No matter if it is Christmastime or not, you need to visit San Gregorio Armeno. This area of Naples is best known for selling the best handmade statues and ornaments for Christmas.

10. Visit the Capodimonte Museum

Coming in at number 10 is the Capodimonte Museum on this list of must do activities in Naples, Italy.

If you are a lover of porcelain, then this museum has you covered. You can check out amazing porcelain artifacts at this museum, but don’t touch them because they may break.

11. Play a lottery ticket for the Superenalotto

Head to a nearest lottery shop and purchase a ticket. This game is played three days a week and hopefully you will be the lucky winner of a huge jackpot.

12. Taste the best pastries in the world

Naples has the best pastries in the world. You can eat a Rum filled dessert called Babà that is exclusively sold in the Campania region. You should also try the sfogliatelle, which is the better version of the dessert lobster tail.

13. Make friends with the locals

The best part of taking a vacation is to immerse yourself in a new culture. Neapolitans are a very welcoming group of people who love to make new friends. Cozy up to the Neapolitan people and get some exclusive tips on how to explore the great city.

14. Go to Pompeii


If you are history buff, then you will want to visit the ruins of Pompeii. This attraction is always filled with crowds of tourists so try to get there early if this is one of your activities in Naples, Italy you have planned.

15. Eat a gelato

When visiting Naples, you need to take the time to enjoy a delicious gelato. if the weather is cold, hot or raining, eating a gelato will make all your troubles go away.

16. Take a day trip to Reggia di Caserta

This palace is only a 15-minute drive from Naples and is worth visiting. There are dozens of rooms open to the public that give you a glimpse of the royalty life. But the best part of this Palace is the never-end garden.

17. Learn the Dialect!


Neapolitans speak a very strong dialect of the Italian language. This dialect is heard in many songs and movies and has captured the hearts of Italians. Ask a local to teach you some hand gestures to go with the dialect of Naples.

Written by Rachel Pearson

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