17 Locations or Attractions Of Movie and TV Show Scenes

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Attractions of movies scenes and TV shows scenes have grown more popular in the last 50 years, that the Hollywood studios filming location cannot simply transform into some locations or attraction around the world. The budget for Hollywood films and shows has gotten increasingly larger throughout the years, allowing for filming locations outside of the studios. If you are Hollywood fan of tv shows and movies, then you may want to head to some of the places on this list of top attractions of movie scenes.

1. Holsten’s: Bloomfield, New Jersey

If you are big fan of The Sopranos, then you should definitely visit Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionary. This amazing shop creates the best homemade ice cream in New Jersey. This shop was used to film scenes of last season of The Sopranos. You can reminisce about the late actor James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano while eating a tasty dessert.

2. Trevi Fountain: Rome, Italy

In the movie “La Dolce Vita”, Anita jumps into the fountain fully clothed and embraces the beauty and attraction of Rome. This Fountain also made its way into the movie scenes of Roman Holiday and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

3. Görlitzer Warenhaus: Berlin, Germany


If you have seen the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel then you must have admired at the beautiful and intricate detail of hotel. The lobby scenes were actually filmed in the Department Store of Görlitzer. Take a walk around the store and feel like you were a part of the movie.

4. Santa Cruz Boardwalk, California


One of the most popular attractions of movie scenes in California is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

This boardwalk offers an amusement park, games, rides, and restaurants. It is a great place to visit with friends, family or solo. This boardwalk served as the filming location for The Lost Boys and Clint Eastwood’s Sudden Impact.

5. The West Highland Line: Bauty, Scotland

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, then you will recognize the West Highland Line. This line was were the students of Hogwarts would begin their journey to school each year. You can actually take a train ride along this line.

6. Katz’s Delicatessen: New York City

When Harry Met Sally is an absolute classic movie that everyone should see or has seen. The famous scene where Meg Ryan’s character starts to have a sexual climax because of the sandwich she is eating is funny; but weirdly enough makes you want eat at Katz’s Delicatessen. Their pastrami sandwiches are absolutely delicious.

7. Colosseum: Rome, Italy


The Colosseum is a top tourist destination in Rome. This huge monument is best known for its gladiator battles. Roman Holiday was filmed near and at the Colosseum. This top attraction has been a model for many Hollywood films like Gladiator.

8. Serendipity 3: New York City

The film Serendipity is all about leaving things up to fate and destiny. Well, if fate and destiny brought you to read this article, then it is decided, you need to go to Serendipity 3. This ice cream parlor creates the most delicious ice cream in all of New York.

9. Gare du Nord: Paris, France


Number ten on the popular attractions of movie scenes is the Gare due Nord.

Gare du Nord is one of six train stations that runs through the city. While this may not be a top tourist destination, you will most attraction find yourself at this station to move around the country. The station was used as a filming location for the Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, and a scene for the show, “Gossip Girl”.

10. Magnolia Bakery: New York City

Magnolia Bakery has some of the tasty desserts in New York City. This tasty bakery always has long lines out the door, so be prepared to wait. Scenes in the show Sex and the City and a movie scene from The Devil Wears Prada were shot at this bakery.

11. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Pennsylvania


Th most famous scene in the movie Rocky Balboa is when he finally runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the “rocky” song is playing in the background. You can take a video of yourself or friends running up the steps of the Philadelphia museum of Art just like your pal, Rocky.

12. Le Nemours: Paris, France


Le Nemours is a great place to grab a coffee and croissant in the morning. This restaurant is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is conveniently close to the Lourve. A scene from the Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp movie, The Tourist was filmed at this location.

13. Highclere Castle: Hampshire, England

Downton Abbey quickly stole the hearts of the people around the world with its early 20th century fashion, language, and traditions. This show was mainly filmed at the Highclere Castle in Hampshire. The drawing room and foyer of the house are the same as in the show. This castle was previously owned by the Earl of Carnarvon, which is fitting since this period drama revolves around the Earl of Grantham and his family.

14. The Mystic Grille: Virginia

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries then you will have always secretly wanted to visit the Mystic Grille. This famous restaurant houses everything from vampires, dopplegangers, witches and hybrids throughout this series. You can visit the real life Mystic Grille, same name as the fictional show. You probably won’t encounter any vampires or witches, but hopefully there will be a Damon Salvatore look like at the bar.

15. Reggia di Caserta: Caserta, Italy

Coming in on the list at 15 on the list of attractions of movie scenes is the Palace of Caserta.

In Tom Cruises’ Mission Impossible, parts of the interior of the Palace of Caserta was used to film this movie. This gorgeous Palace was the home of monarchs and royalty until the 20th century.

16. Tom’s Restaurant: New York City

For all you Seinfeld lovers out there, you have probably dreamed of eating at a diner like Tom’s. The exterior of this restaurant was shot for the fictional spot of Monk’s Café.

17. The Louvre: Paris, France

The Louvre is the largest museum in Paris and houses some of the best artwork and sculptures of the world. You cannot go to Paris without visiting this museum. The Louvre was used as a filming location for first and last scenes of The DaVinci Code about attraction This is very fitting since DaVinci’s Mona Lisa painting is housed at the Louvre.

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